Marie’s Biography


A native New Englander who grew up in New Hampshire. Marie sang as a child, but didn’t take singing seriously until she was in her early teens. She explains, “I started singing in choirs and college musicals and it took my interest in music to another level”. Almost immediately her decision to make music a lifelong career began earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music education and voice where her talents brought her to a full time position with McGraw-Hill as a national music consultant. She began singing in church choirs, etc. and also becoming involved with summer sings where she learned and participated as a soprano for such works as Mozart’s requiem, Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana and Faure’s requiem Opus 48.  I wasn’t interested in anything other than spiritual song literature I loved the wide – openness and spirit that came through me in my singing. Marie was gathering skill as a church singer. Marie explains that teaching K-12 music and consulting music nationally allowed her the time to hone in on what she loved, but today she wants to focus on the delivery of her talent in a new way. It’s like you have to finally do what your spirit calls you to do and that for Marie is to be a performer rather than a teacher of music.   Taking her influences, from composers such as Bach and Handel to writers of hymns and church music like Moses Hogan, Austin Lovelace, Nancy Grundahl and Lloyd Larson   and using them to shape her own style.  “I grew up with a lot of church music” Marie explains, “My mom used to play the hymns and chants all the time. I naturally gravitate to that kind of sound; there’s a warmth and timelessness to it that I’ve always loved”. She says the greatest feeling ever, wraps up for me the way it felt singing the hymns, chants and works of her favorite composers. .

What we have with Marie is an artist who is just starting out, so there is no recording or touring history to write of but just a simple love and passion to share what she calls her healing tone. Whether it’s in her rendition of Schubert’s Ave Maria, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s arrangement of Pie Jesu to singing a simple hymn by Taize, Marie doesn’t just sing these songs- she inhabits them and lives them out making her very unique and expressive.